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( Gm Bb D# Dm ) 
-What?s the way of love 
Gm        Bb 
Tell me your fiction 
Tell me your lies 
Say to me now, you?ll  never forget this nigth 
Gm        Bb 
I?m  feeling emotionless 
My head?s so clear 
My enemies aren?t, the ones I fear 
Gm        Bb 
You know your kiss confuses 
This troubling soul 
And I found out 
The we?re all breaking hearts 
That we?re all broken hearts 
Bb    D#        Gm 
If only love could find us all 
  F                             Bb 
If only hearts didn?t have to fall 
                       D#        Gm         
We can?t mislead to make things right 
        F        Gm 
So instead we?ll sleep alone tonight 
    (Gm Bb D# Fm) 
-What?s the way of love? 
Gm        Bb 
You are thinking I?m crazy 
But you?re blushing of lust 
I?ve heard a lot of nice things, 
But tell me which ones I?m to trust? 
Gm        Bb 
These walls we made are glass 
And they have been know to crack 
But until then  
You?ll keep pushing my way 
And I?ll keep pushing you way 
Cm        D# 
If you want to take a change 
And try to make things right 
        Bb        F        Cm 
You better have a reason to be loved 
We all want something more  
        Cm    Bb   
And it is worth fighting for?.    
Bb        D#        Gm 
And somehow fate were in my hands 
                          F        Bb 
Would it be enough to understand 
        D#        Gm 
Why we feel lost in a world so small 
F                          Bb  D#        Gm 
If only love could find us all? 
F        Bb  D#         Gm 
If only love could find us all? 
  F        Gm 
If only, If only love could find us all
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