Duran Duran - Shadows On Your Side - Akor ( Orjinal Ton Kolay )
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(VERSC): (Am)Shackled and raised
for a (Em)shining crowd
They (D#)want you to speak
but the (Em)music is louder
than (Am)all of their roar(Em)
with the (D#)heat of the
planet's core(Em)
(CHORUS):But the (A#)shadows are on your side(Gm)
as (B)soon as the lights go down(Gb)
In the (A#)darkest place you can (Gm)find
you be(B)long to the hands of the night(A#)
(VERSC):Promises made with a distant friend
Truth should be known it can only bend
to a tune of it's own, hey, you'll never hear
that voice again Scandal in white
on a tangled vine with everybody to say
that you're having the time of your life
when your life is on the slide
(VERSC):Spinning a compass to choose your way
You can run, you can dive, you can stand and you can soar
whichever way you can be sure

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