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A                      C#m        A                      C#
Those words are all remainders, echoes growing in the heart of twilight
Em7              Bm            Em7   Bm
They lay back laughing at naivety star
A                     C#m
Awaken all those whispers
A                      C#
The dusty shadow of a passing favour
Em7           Bm                     Em7         Bm
I wouldn't say that you were ruthless or right
Em7           Bm               A
I couldn't see from so far
D                    A
Was I chasing after rainbows?
One thing for sure you never answered when I
E  17 16\14\12\10   (\ = slide)
D                     B
And I wiped away the water from my face
   C#                              F#m
to look through the eyes of a stranger
    Dmaj7           Dm                  E
For rumours in the wake of such a lonely crowd
B                          F#m
trading in my shelter for danger
    Dmaj7        Dm                 E
I'm changing my name just as the sun goes down
       Bsus    B           F#m
in the eyes of a stranger
A                           C#m
Can't tell the real from reflection
A                              C#
When all these faces look the same to me
Em7      Bm             Em7      Bm
In ev'ry city such a desolate dream
A                         C#m
Some days are strange to numbers
A                              C#
Some say the seventh sounds a little bit stranger
Em7          Bm                        Em7              Bm
A year of Sundays seems to have drifted right by
Em7             Bm                     A
I could have sworn in one evening
D                           A
And I'm not seized in desperation
No steel reproaches on the table from be 
D                           B
But I still can feel those splinters of ice
  C#                             F#m
I look through the eyes of a stranger
(repeat chorus)
   B                       F#m
...walking away like a stranger
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