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Forgot how to dream lyrics
Why can’t I be myself when I’m by myself?
I’m only nervous alone, what did I settle for?
Just a metaphor of something that felt like a home
Black ivy, I’m so lost, come find me wandering
Used to be reliable, now I’m liable
For promises I couldn’t keep
I was a little kid, I was different
The world is alive as I sleep
All day eyes shut, my mind just stays blank

Guess I forgot how to dream. (x2)

Think that I’m losing it, I’m confusing things
That I used to keep in a line
Why can’t I trust myself, learn to love myself?
They say it’s a sign of the times
Don’t leave me, oh my mind won’t stay easy, easy
I’ve been along for the ride, but I haven’t been driving
Haven’t used my eyes in a minute, swear I’m sincere
But the weed and the Internet clouded my vision
These lights make it hard just to sit in or live in the skin that I got
Turned into something I’m not
I’m looking at photos of people looking at the clock

Guess I forgot how to dream. (x2)

Guess I forgot how to dreaaam, dream, dreammm. (x2)

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