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Mama Please Take Me Back Insıde
Promıse Me You Never Gonna Let Me Go

Mama Please Take Me Back To You
Wısdom Spoken By The Fools
Troubles Been Caused By Theır Rules

They Poor Dust On The Book Of Trust
They Create Theır Own Index
Seems To Me Lıke A Self Complex
They Suck My Blood Like A Leech
They Break The Law And They Preach

They Feel Good About This
They Don't Care About This
Mama There’s So Much Here To Say

The More They Teach The More It’s Dark
Take Me Back Inside Your Light
Let Me Be Myself Again

Money Takes Life
And It Brings You Down
Money Marries Money
Gives A Birth To The Child
Money Gives Name To The Child Of Hate

Funny Its How ...
Many More Survive
Maybe It's Now
Maybe Time Has Come
Let The Sun Rise Upon Our Fate

I Need You Now Please Won't You
Oh Mama Please Why Don't You
Just Give Me One Reason To Stay


She Said 'Love'
She Said 'Peace In Your Heart'
She Said 'Tears Won't Help You In'
'I Know Its Hard
You Better Not Try So Hard'
She Said ' Thanks Will Ease Your Pain'
We Pray To God

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