Hanson - Madeline - Akor ( Orjinal Ton Kolay )
Akorlar Mobil uygulamasını
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D                F#m       G   A
Out my window     A memory
       D         F#m               G            A
I'm dyin' inside    I know the way it should be
           D        F#m         G      Ebm7
Though it was right    In front of me
            Em7                    A
It's something I just couldn't see
Your lonely face, your lonely eyes
This is something you can't disguise
It's not just me, you feel it too
'Cause you know I belong with you
     A              F#m7           Em         D
Look at where we're going tell me what can I say
      G                            A
We're tracing our footsteps, we're going the same way
D         Bm         G            A
Madeline, here we go around again
    D          Bm             G             A
You know it, I know it, don't try to pretend
    D                C              Bm             A
You know it could be so much better than it's been
     G                       A
Aoooooooooooooh,  here we go around again

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