F   Am7    D7      Gsus     Gm7  Dm7 C
One flight down , there's a song on low
C6        F          Cdim           D#maj7   Dm7   C
And your mind , just picked up on the sound
C6        F   Am7     D7
Now you know you're wrong
 Gm6    D   C       C6
Cos it ,drifts like smoke ,
and it's been there
 D7        D#maj7  Dm7  C
playing all along
C6       F    C
now you know now you
F7           Cdim          Gm7   C
The reeds and brass have been weaving
Cdim     D7      Gm7        C7  C6
leading into a single note
Here in this place
Where your arms unfold
Here at last you see your ancient face
Now you know
Now you know
The cadence rolls in broken
Plays it over and then goes
One flight down, there's a song on low
And it's been ther playing all along
C6       F      C       c
Now you know.  Now you know.
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