( C )Holy lamb
see the world we started
is it so l( Am7 )ow again
like a light that's lost up( G )on the stage
so the more it sh( H )ines, it goes away
( C )Surely then
see the curtain rising to show us ( Am7 )once again
all the magic of the ( G )earth and the skies
see the more we find
( H )the more we realize
That ( C )every time
see the laws of nature keeps telling us
( Am7 )like a friend
it's the spirit of emotion ( G )dancing to the wind
high above
high above
so ( Hmaj7 )sure inspired again
I can tell a new ( C )story now
can we see through this mask of uncertainty
( Am7 )surely now
how can it be so hard when ( G )all there is to know
don't be afraid of letting go
it takes a ( Hmaj7 )loving heart
to see and show
this love
for our own ecology
( C )Hold the light
hold the light
out of ( Am )love we'll come a long long
glorious way
at the ( G )start of every day
a child begins to play
and all we ( Hmaj7 )need to know
is that the future is a friend of yours
and mine
( C )    ( Am7 )   ( G )     ( Hmaj7 )        repeat  fade
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